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Sales & Marketing

Strategic Partnerships

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Vince is a marketing, sales and customer success veteran, with over 15 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in software and education management industries. 

Vince is a third-generation entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience as a sales and customer success leader. He has strategically grown revenue in SaaS, Education Technology and eLearning organizations, cultivating customers across North America and EMEA.


His expertise includes building capacity in developing leaders, coaching sales teams and designing operational frameworks. 

Prior to EduThink, Vince led the sales, client management, and channel partner teams at unlearn. as the VP of Sales, and collaborated with over 1,5000 schools as an Account Executive for Pearson Education. He has accelerated growth in eLearning, SaaS and Professional Development organizations.


Emotional Intelligence 


& Self-Reflection 

Effective Leadership 

Susan is a dynamic, engaging and creative facilitator, coach and speaker. Her charismatic and authentic approach to personal and professional development make her a unique addition to EduThink.


In her workshops, Susan expertly weaves her personal and professional expertise together to create a learning environment where individuals and teams thrive. She delivers impactful, thought-provoking and sustainable results while guiding learners through experiential and practical learning.

Susan’s facilitation and coaching include areas of:

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Self-Awareness & Self-Reflection 

  • Effective Leadership 


Focus Areas:

Leadership Development


Organizational Behaviour

Paul is the former Director of Education for Northeastern Catholic DSB. He’s a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and leader who possesses a clear understanding of organizational behaviour, leadership, communication and revitalizing the workplace. He also has an extensive background and passion for learning.

Paul is a well-respected, highly motivated individual whose breadth of experience
includes education, health care and business/industry. Paul has worked
successfully with several school boards and non-educational organizations in
strategic management planning, recruitment and selection, leadership development,
succession planning and coaching and mentoring of CEO’s, senior leaders and

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Behaviour


Unconscious Bias

Inclusion & Belonging



Colleen has a passion for helping others learn. As a full-time professor at Conestoga College’s School of Business, she challenges her students to discover the leader within and that learning is a lifelong journey. She has more than fifteen years of experience promoting inclusive environments in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Her primary area of training focuses on using real-life situations to diffuse uncomfortable conversations surrounding race, ethnicity and gender. This enables thought-provoking discussions that challenge assumptions and lead to a deeper understanding of power, privilege and the ability to see through multiple lenses. The result is the creation of meaningful dialogue towards diversity, inclusion and creating a shared sense of belonging.

Colleen leads EduThink workshops with a focus on:

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Inclusion and Belonging

  • Leadership

  • Diversity

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