About Us

At EduThink, we truly believe that to be successful in a new global age, students will need more than just reading, mathematics and science – they will need to be knowledgeable about global issues, attuned to diverse perspectives, able to communicate ideas and critically think to solve complex problems.


We aim to build long term, enduring, and impactful relationships between students, educators and the community around them through experiential learning.

Our Vision


To provide every learner with a pathway to find success inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Mission


To create and deliver learning experiences which reconnect students to their communities.


Our Core Values


We believe in teaching and learning that:


  • Promotes curiosity, questioning and creativity.

  • Encourages inquiry-based learning connected to real-world settings.

  • Fosters engagement and autonomy.

  • Differentiates for inclusion.

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