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Building Rapport In Virtual Sales Meetings


Zoom meetings... MS Teams... Google Meet....we're all getting used to the positives and negatives of conducting a virtual meeting.

For small business owners, starting conversations with potential customers can be a daunting challenge. Even through we know our solutions may be valuable, connecting with prospects is even greater challenge as we move to virtual meetings wherein you cannot scan your prospects office for talking points such as a degree on the wall or a family picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Breaking the ice is one technique, but Building Rapport allows the prospect to realize that we understand not only their business, but that we have worked on similar projects in the past.

Below are a few "Sample Questions" that business owners can use to get past the awkward silence and show prospects that they can add value immediately.

  1. When I typically speak with (Customers Job Title), they tend to tell me that (compelling, industry specific trend). Is this the case in your organization as well?”

  2. We have been working with a number of (industry) in the province to (your unique offering). The results have been positive so far. Would you like to learn more?”

  3. Tell me more about your organization. How long have you been a part of (company name)? What were your previous roles?

  4. How has your role/ responsibilities changed over the last few years?”

  5. I would like to better understand (a detail that you need clarity on). Can you elaborate?”

  6. What are your top 3 priorities for this year? Why are these at the top of your list?”

Vince Bowry is the Founder of Eduthink. For more information on our solutions, contact us.


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